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jeudi 9 octobre 2014

To make the casting is already shooting

La B.O.

Some say to make the casting is easy: just take the best actors and then shoot.

Nay indeed! The cast is primarily a meeting and the script is the link that allows the director to seduce the actor or actress: he hopes lie him or her on movie pictures. But if the transmission is full of promise and dreams, it is still necessary that the actor is ready for give up in the character that he is predestined.

This time, Espérance had a lot of luck, the main actor was immediately revealed to be the right one. Then we had to match to this actor with his voice, with his essence, with admittedly talented partners but who will come in harmony to create that chemistry that makes their talents are not going to add but multiply.

This task is hard because sometimes you have to deviate from good actors or actresses with whom we have enjoyed working on these adventures but postpone until you find the gem that will set the film jewelry. For Plus belle sera la chute ((The more beautiful they come), two other actors are necessary and despite great meetings, only one actress of great talentwas revealed to be the right partner, the one who successfully creates osmosis. As to the third character, he had to be able to counterpoint the other two.

Together at last, here is the cast of Plus belle sera la chute (The more beautiful they come):

In the role of Gerard, the subtle Sylvain Charbonneau,
In the role of Jennifer, the sublime Nathalie Mann,
And the role of the cop, the surprising Jean Lin.

This first article of the Making Blog of Plus belle sera la chute (The more beautiful they come) will be followed by many others and you will discover all those who contributed to make this short film.

See you soon then. 

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