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dimanche 2 novembre 2014

"Plus belle sera la chute" (The more beautiful they come) to the red carpet in Cannes and in other towns...?

If the preparation of a feature reminds someone of a wedding, where everything must be organized prior to the feature, planed and timed down to the last second, the shooting moves away because the unexpected often happens without a warning.

The participants are suddenly swept in the middle of a whirl along, following in the unknown the ballet master(mistress) who is the director. Here on "Plus belle sera la chute" (The more beautiful they come), it is Espérance Pham Thai Lan who gets her artistic and technical teams mixed up, with the blessing of La B.O..

Espérance attends to give rhythm to the ceremony as time goes by, observing rituals like the present studio management at the first hour, which welcomes the technicians first with breakfast.

Once swallowed, often in a rush, each goes to work, the location is transformed in a flash into a film set: cables are lying around every place with projectors and cameras that are put up in strategic locations. 
The director of photography masters light, the shadows, he plays with the composition. His assistant is squatting to plug in projectors. Nearby, one of his peers tests the microphone, making sounds fly and vanishing them in space while the continuity assistant chalks numbers of a sequence, of a plan on the clapper board...

The actors (Sylvain Charbonneau and Nathalie Mann) a little lucky, are invited later to the stage. As soon as they arrive, they are taken charge, they go for the make-up that makes their face look different even their body, then they have their hair done before puting on their costumes.

Sometimes accessories could be imposed, never mind, they appropriate them while reciting their text reluctantly. They end with exchanges with Espérance, gleaning information to improve their acting and make a final rehearsal, just to feel ready to plunge into the water without being able to succeed in deceiving the inevitable passage of waiting before being filmed.

The moment finally comes when everyone is ready and stands at his post, where everybody should be. An assistant director asks the silence that chases away all sounds so that one could hear a plastic cup blowing of.

Espérance's voice rises: "Roll camera!", those of Benoît and Clément followed closely with "Speed!", then Espérance calls out "Action!", this is the kick-off: the magic is triggered.

Nobody asks: "Plus belle sera la chute" (The more beautiful they come) to the red carpet in Cannes, Berlin, Venise, Sundance, New York, Los Angeles? No, no, no, we shoot and nothing else exists.

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