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mercredi 12 novembre 2014

The post-production in the shadow and now in the light of the sunlights.

A short is a collection of synchronized pictures and sounds with opening and closing credits. To be successful, it doesn't exist a recipe (people would know about it) and everything becomes more complex for alchemy. Is it due to the script, the actors, technicians, producers, the part of the current climate? As a director, I start every time, without knowing the answer.

At first, I viewed the rushes of "Plus belle sera la chute" (The more beautiful they come), I kept the best of them in my opinion. They will form a puzzle assembled in an order increasing the standing of the work of all to tell a story according to my vision.
Arnaud Pottier and I, with the patience of a saint, made ​​the final cutting.

Phase calibration comes right after that gives pictures of brightness, revealing a color over another, harmonized between them without trick, as for a beauty contest. I owe this conjuring trick by François Montpellier's talent whom I appeal regularly with happiness.
Who said short says music. "Plus belle sera la chute" (The more beautiful they come) is not the exception.
All rights reserved - L. C.
In one of my shorts and making off, I used one of the Nathan Symes's songs. His world is close to mine. This time, I really wanted he composed an original music for "Un joli conte" (A pretty tale) which I wrote the lyrics.
When Nathan made ​​me listen to his composition, I was immediately excited and I listened to it several times without tiring. His musical composition is the icing on the cake to add to the recorded sounds and silences on the shooting.

However, we must carefully regulate the editing, the mixing, the music and the song. Matthieu Langlet was with me in charge of them. I had the opportunity to listen to his work, blindly, not seeing the pictures scrolled on the screen. I found myself suddenly dive into a specific atmosphere as if I was listening to the radio and the short took place in my head from the noise and dialogues. This was an excellent way to measure the quality of his work and the importance of sound in the short.

Soon we will have to organize the screening of "Plus belle sera la chute" (The more beautiful they come). Don't worry, be happy, La B.O. prepares for it at its own pace.


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