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samedi 8 août 2015

The beautiful team.

To shoot her film "When day breaks" (Quand le jour se lève),  Espérance Pham Thái Lan chose not only talented actors but also excellent technicians, as Béatrice Mizrahi director of photography and all in record time.
Quand le jour se lève
All rights reserved  La B.O.-Photographer: Romain Ufarte
How have they found embarked on this project? 
Five technicians of the team answer to this question.

Quand le jour se lève
All rights reserved  La B.O.-Photographer Alexandre Péraud
Erik Jourdil, production manager-
"I met Espérance two years ago and since we exchange on our projects. So when Espérance made me the request to take part in her film, it is with enthusiasm that I accepted. I knew it would be the opportunity of an adventure and a collaboration with a keen team."

Quand le jour se lève
Quentin Perrot-minnot
Quentin Perrot-minnot, assistant director-
"I wanted to make this film because it was an opportunity for me to work with professionals who taught me a lot. Thank you for allowing me to join the team of "When day breaks" (Quand le jour se lève). From the preparation to the shooting of the film, I found that everyone has excelled in his job."

Benoît Pin, assistant production manager-
"Last winter, Espérance let me into the secret that she was preparing a new opus. She also told me she wanted to shoot in my house. Was I agree? The question was probably me asked; I even have to answer yes. I remember more clearly the evidence than the answer itself. Some time later, the story began to take shape, names
At break of day
All rights reserved by La B.O.-Photographer Alexandre Péraud
began to take shape, names began to circulate, some movie figures of choice but also those of my daughters!
When it was time to form the team, there was no great debate to put me in position to be in the studio management which is special necessarily, facilitated by the pleasure of receiving at home."

Silvia Neagu, head make-up artist and hair stylist-
At break of day
All rights reserved by La B.O.- Photographer Alexandre Péraud
"I loved so much the Espérance's script, so right away counted me in. On the shooting, I was very happy to make up the cast of the film, especially Isabelle Pasco, Henri Garcin and François Marthouret whom I have already seen in movies when I was a child. To mix with the team was an unexpected pleasure as the atmosphre was amazing,  very warm, everyone was nice. I feel very lucky to have participated in this project."

Romain Ufarte, stills man (standing on the photo bellow)-
Quand le jour se lève
All rights reserved by La B.O.-Photographer Benoît Pin
"I met Espérance at the exhibition organized for the preview of her film "Plus belle sera la chute" (The more beautiful they come) to which she had invited me to take part. The principle of this exhibition was to propose related works with the film after watching it few days ago. The photographs I made, reflecting a personal interpretation of "Plus belle sera la chute" (The more beautiful they come), liked to Espérance. I was immediately hooked on the world of this film, simple in appearance but who can look, full of subtleties essential to understanding of the whole.
Thus, when she decided to trust me by offering me to work as a stills man for the shooting of "When day breaks" (Quand le jour se lève), I did not hesitate a second!"

Olivia Ledoux, wardrobe master and wardrobe dresser-
Quand le jour se lève
All rights reserved by La B.O. - Photographer Romain Ufarte
My first contact with Espérance was very good and when I read the screenplay, I accepted right after to belong to her team. It was fortunate, I was available to dates of the shooting that changed me to work on a film with natural sets outside from structures that I'm used to, such as the Opera, the national stages (eg TNP) and private workshops. If Espérance offer me in the future to work with her again, it will be with great pleasure.

Quand le jour se lève
Ajouter une légende
Lauren Némausat, trainee - It was for me the first time to be on the shooting of a short. Rather anxious at first, I was surprised by the warm atmosphere and then happy to be part of this enthusiastic team! It was an honor and a pleasure to work with professionals on the script of "When Day Breaks." All good things come to an end, these days have been for me a very enriching experience.
I thank Espérance for having confidence in me and look forward to working with her again on a new project! 

Anyway La B.O. is very satisfied to enrich its catalog as fast.
Quand le jour se lève
All rights reserved by La B.O.- Photographer Romain Ufarte

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