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samedi 3 octobre 2015

D-7 before the closing donation !

Good morning everyone.

Remember, for the second short film directed by Espérance Pham Thái Lan, we appeal to your generosity for successfully finish in the best condition «When Day Breaks».

During our shooting, we exceeded of 3500€ of our initial budget. Then, we explained you the problems to which we have to faced. And you had got to move on for us, to give symbolic donations or not, to help us complete our project.

We are at 107% of success because our objective was to get at least 2500€, and we are at 2665 € !
YOU give us this 2665€: thanks to you, with your money, we can finish mixing, calibration and book a beautiful place for our preview.

Donations will be closed in 7 days on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank. We would like to thank you for your generosity, again. You have been more than about thirty to trust us.

 Keep sending your donations, you have one last week to ask around you about our project.
Before communicate the date of our first preview, you have to know that each donor will be, of course, honored for having supported us.
Thanks to you, our project speeds up, and we are very exciting to show us the final "When Day Breaks".

Cécile Deschamps

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