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lundi 5 octobre 2015

To finish brilliantly. When are the screenings? Soon!

Quand le jour se lève
La Puce à l'Oreille-All rights reserved by CréaT
On the Espérance Pham Thái Lan's short "When Day Breaks" (Quand le jour se lève), Dominique Lambert, chief sound editor,  helped by Frédéric Combes, foley artist, used the recorded sounds during the shooting by Mathieu Chanon and then they have considerably enriched them in order to reinforce the sound world  of the film. Then Matthieu Langlet, the mixer of "The more beautiful they come" (Plus belle sera la chute) and Espérance could set the sound track of the film where the silences, the sounds, the moods and  the voices are in complete harmony with the story, embellished by the music composed by Eric Prados.
Quand le jour se lève
Bing Yin-All rights reserved by CréaT
Otherwise, Béatrice Mizrahi, the director of photography has captured with the camera that Espérance Pham Thái Lan expected.
With the grader Olivier Garcia from HD-Systems, they both brought remarkable glamour to it: the colors are revived, heated, contrasts gained sharpness, lights delicately chosen meet the volumes and the end result coincides felicitously with the imagined visual by Espérance.
"When Day Breaks" (Quand le jour se lève) finishes brilliantly.

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