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vendredi 25 septembre 2015

Isabelle Pasco Alias Clara

Isabelle didn't play in the series Alias with Jennifer Garner but in "When Day Breaks", Espérance 's short where she's Clara, the heroine. She explains -
I have always loved participating in the special human adventure that is a short film: a condensed emotions, energies, talents and generosity, all on some days. My meeting with Espérance was the image of the shooting time: intense and wonderfully creative. I was immediately seduced by her storytelling talent. "When Day Breaks" is a relentless and original story that left me, once the closed scenario, short of breath. It is an emotion that made me want to participate in this cruel, ruthless and poetic tale.

Quand le jour se lève
Isabelle Pasco's collage with Zoé
Isabelle, with spontaneity, made a collage that does not reveal the whole story, especially showing Zoe, her little girl on the screen. Their physical resemblance and intense, close relationship make credible their filiation as to cause some viewers (who have not read this article) to ask the question: "The little girl who plays Jade, is she really her daughter? " Once again, the magic and the illusion of cinema have taken place :-)

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