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lundi 7 septembre 2015

As pretty as an irresistible picture!

Quand le jour se lève
All rights reserved - Photographer: Espérance Pham Thái Lan
Zoe, a little girl, four years old, has just played her first part with Isabelle Pasco and François Marthouret in the short  "Quand le jour se lève" (When day breaks) (director: Espérance Pham Thái Lan).
Zoe is as pretty as a picture who was irresistible for all the team of the film as soon as her appearance on the set. Though than impressed by the presence of so many people she did not know, however, Zoe overcame her shyness and was able to give substance to her character with extraordinary grace.
As a real professional, she even fell in with an additional photo session in her pretty princess dress.
Could the fairies who have leaned over her crib, whisper to us if Zoe will continue in this way? If so, she has all the abilities and can take us with her very high, to the stars.

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