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dimanche 20 septembre 2015

De grote Henri (The great Henri)

Quand le jour se lève
Henri Garcin, in real life
Definition about an actor, trice: artist whose profession is to play a role on stage or screen. 

Henri Garcin, this wonderful actor who managed to move several generations, has done us the great honor of accepting to play in our film, as a recognition of the history of cinema. He chose this job which he has with remarkable talent and falls into the category of the best. As La B.O. and me (Espérance the director), are very proud that he has agreed to become the neighbor of the couple interpreted by Isabelle Pasco and François Marthouret in "When Day Breaks".

When one asked why he agreed to enter this adventure, that's what he said:
- When the charm and finesse ask you to shoot in a film, one is said - But right now, Espérance, I'm already on the way! -

Quand le jour se lève
On stage and off - Photographer: Alexandre Péraud


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