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mercredi 4 mars 2015

Photographer when the mood is on him.

Plus belle sera la chute - La B.O.
All rights reserved - R. Ufarte
Romain Ufarte is attracted to places where silent and abandonment abount which he trains his camera on them and in black and white photo.

His shots lost in the middle of wasteland where there is not a living soul, places deserted by all activity, are imbued with a certain poetry with a rather soft lighting, softening the feeling of loneliness.
But after seeing "Plus belle sera la chute" (The most beautiful they come), Romain presents a picture of a woman in pumps, framed without her head that is to say from her bust at her feet and her legs which occupy a large part of the frame. This unknown person is stylishly dressed with her ​​Chanel bag and her right leg is placed on a grid, it returns immediately to Jennifer, the heroine's film, played by Nathalie Mann, walking slowly on scaffolding in her pink cocktail dress, on the words "L'aiguille et la robe anguille qui l'englobent Un joli conte...." , Espérance Pham Thai Lan's lyrics set on the Nathan Symes' music.
As for the Romain' other photos, they enclose each element of the film that it is necessary to distinguish. Juxtaposed to each other, the whole series reveals Romain' s subtle interpretation on the film. This is Streetbook that allowed him to be one of the exhibitors at the preview of the first short produced by LA B.O. et CréaT.

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