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samedi 28 février 2015

A traditional citation in Paris and its famous skyline...

I was surprised facing Elodie Vialle's painting, incomplete tune with my film.
At first glance it looks like an assembly of vertical banded friezes. Harmonious colors, flower patterns coexist happily, bringing freshness as a festive ode.
In the background, the top of several stone buildings are aligned, a traditional citation in Paris and its famous skyline, where the blue sky around them, a set similar to that of "Plus belle sera la chute"(The more beautiful they come).

Plus belle sera la chute
All rights reserved-Elodie Vialle
Black touchs are cleverly placed on a light gray stylized staging: there is a cat found in the Espérance and Nathan's song of the end credits "Le chat se faufile par le chas de l'aiguille Un joli conte....", a pump, feminine accessory par excellence of a contemporary romance belonging to a woman, we see her straight silhouette, unlike that of a man falling into the void, evoking Jennifer and Gérard' meeting.
The result of this composition ensues from a myriad of strokes beautifully executed with skill and attention to detail that are recurring in Elodie's works.
In any case, it was one of the showpieces of the exhibition of the preview of "Plus belle sera la chute" (The more beautiful they come) of 6 February 2015. That would have been a shame to miss without seeing it.
La B.O. and CréaT immediately noticed her talent and good!

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