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lundi 14 décembre 2015

A touch of nostalgia.

Quand le jour se lève
All rights reserved La B.O.-Photographer Romain Ufarte
The French director, Espérance received a text message from one of her best friends (part of KissBankers) who saw the movie "When Day Breaks" in the "Maison des auteurs". Impossible not to share it and it is great way to show you as comments go along from viewers. 
Quand le jour se lève
Lieutenant's daughter in "When Day Breaks"
"Congratulations for your work! I liked everything: the script, your way of filming, the actors, your pretty voice in the song and I was moved to recognize you as little girl in the picture ! We would like sometimes back in the past and relive a day surrounded by our loved ones, play hopscotch in the playground, lulled us by the carelessness of childhood!
Thank you for this beautiful interlude! Your energy, your optimism, your joy of living are good! I adore you! I wish you full of happiness. Big kisses. Fanfan. "

Press attaché of LA B.O.

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