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dimanche 13 décembre 2015

A magical night.

Dear all,

What a pleasure it si to inform you that the the first preview of "When Day Breaks" last Wednesday, high society (we were 270 hence 4 screenings one after the other) has moved to discover this short about 11 minutes in la Maison des auteurs (7 rue Ballu 75009 Paris in France)!
Quand le jour se lève
All rights reserved La B.O.-Photographer: Alexandre Péraud
My team in charge of welcoming and organization of the evening, photographers Romain Ufarte, Alexandre Péraud and Oivier Millerioux and the director Yoann Gannat who filmed this event  were perfect. Some guests have even thought at  the festival of Cannes !

Of course, there was withdrawals, to let us down in the last minute, it was predictable but in the end the remaining 90% who were at the first preview, have honored the work of 44 people who have invested, spared no effort in supporting this short and that's the point.

François Marthouret rehearsing a play in Antibes, was with us in thought, Isabelle Pasco, Henri Garcin and Bing Yin have joined among you the guests and the  team.

There was a lot of exchange and share, reinvented ends, passionate debates, moved viewers, touched in the depths of their being, going out the screening, having tears in their eyes, laughter, gaiety, reunions, extraordinary meetings and for me too much emotion of a rare intensity, that's why I spent 48 hours getting over it!

Moreover, in the cocktail area, the artists Evelyne Anceschi, Philippe Nicolas and Pascal Pistacio who also exhibited some of their works, submitted that they each did in resonance with the short, with talent and incredible originality.

In brief, it was a very successful evening. I express my warm thanks to you again for being there. Your MP on FB, your text messages and calls were touched me and some have profoundly affected me me. You belong now  to my best memories and now I am discovering your gracious laudatory, touching comments on the visitors' book that brings me back to you and which I will publish shortly

Thanks to the three photographers of the evening and the director, we can revive them.

See you soon. 

Director, screenwriter and producer 

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