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jeudi 23 juillet 2015

Reckonings in Ile-de-France.

At break, Quand le jour se lève
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The reckonings are one of the steps required in the preparation of a film to find any set in appropriateness with the sequences, this inevitably leads to  anticipated appointments with department leaders to take them to places they go appropriate to make believable characters in their environment.

La B.O.
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For the film "When day breaks" (Quand le jour se lève), being the director (Espérance Pham Thai Lan), I met with Béatrice Mizrahi director of photography, Michel Tessier chief electrician, Erik Jourdil production manager, Francesca Olivieri and Quentin Perrot-Minnot my two assistants, Florence Cheron continuity assistant and of course the chairman of the B.O., to study the sun's path, to go the spaces of interest to shoot, either outside and inside.

This has allowed us to meet interesting people in Île-de-France, where we stopped facing llamas, as what at every twist and turn, we can be surprised.

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