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dimanche 28 décembre 2014

When La B.O. meets STREETBOOK.

http://ladiesroom.fr/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/streetbook-gavroche.jpgFor us, an artist is the result of his meetings and his aesthetic and artistic experiences, it is this idea that also founded La B.O., the brewing artistic experiences and media creation.
That's why we wanted to present the approach of STREETBOOK whose original and unique work proposes the distribution of works and their transitions to create unexpected artistic encounters. But let Mademoiselle H, the president of the association, talking about her project:
"Three years ago I created Street Book. At first, I just had to give up an aim in public places my own stories. But that I am not alone in my '"issue" of these works, I decided to invite all artists who wish to photographers, story writers, novelists, poets, painters, designers, a.s.o., to do the same. Born of a simple and natural desire to reconcile with Art Street, our intention is to release a free sample of polydisciplinary culture in the public space." 

STREETBOOK is first an associative editing gateway wishing to give a showcase to all especially to those creative people who fail to enroll  in conventional vectors of conventional artistic diffusion. In 2013, the association filed here and there a hundred copies of this collective work requiring the reader to transmit and report passing his hands on www.streetbook.fr..
Very soon we will share how La B.O. will give substance to the sharing of artistic experience on the subject of the subject of this blog-the film "Plus belle sera la chute" (The more beautiful they come)-.
plus belle sera la chute
STREETBOOK rmeets "Plus belle sera la chute".

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