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mercredi 30 novembre 2016

Continue to croll up the ratings on our links on Youtube, it's great :-)

Hello dear bloggers,

we have the pleasure to announce the good news:

there are already more than 16 000 connections on the first link below, containing the song "I'm dreaming of you (Je rêve de toi)" used in the Espérance Pham Thai Lan's short "When day breaks (Quand le jour se lève)" and more than 11 000 connections on the second link containing the song "A nice tale (Un joli conte)" used in the Espérance's short "The more beautiful they come (Plus belle sera la chute)".
So do not hesitate to increase the attendance by making  discover to your entourage the Espérance's lyrics, the Eric Prados' and Nathan Symes' compositions and add also many likes, an excellent way to honor their work!

THANK YOU and see you soon:-)
Je rêve de toi -

Un joli conte - 

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