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jeudi 28 janvier 2016

Three artists exhibiting at the first preview of "When day breaks" directed by Espérance PHAM THAI LAN

The sculptor
Pascal Pistacio was born in 1957. He lives and works in Paris.

La B.O., Olivier Millérioux
All rights reserved La B.O.-Photographer Olivier Millerioux
His works are created from metallic structures and plaster.
These sculptures are then worked out in bronze.
Beyond a masterly work regarding the equilibrium which avoid a sculpture plinth,
he uses a specific language immediately recognizable: the distribution between solid and hollow parts. This one gets its true dimension when the outside elements are also participating to it. So, all works are conceived from the very beginning to become monumental sculptures.

The two painters
Evelyne Anceschi -
La B.O., Olivier Millérioux
All rights reserved La B.O.-Photographer Olivier Millerioux
The proposal to make known my paintings through Espérance's network was very attractive. It is with great pleasure that I accepted her offer to illustrate her short film "When Day Breaks" with some paintings. I was very honored to participate in this work by my way. 
An abstract present, a figurative past, a diverse and complex work, this is what characterize my style. My personal history has influenced my works. A talented and discreet painter's grand-daughter, I has taken the brush very young and has sketched the sullen landscapes of my native North. 
My artistic inspirations don’t stop to painting but exceed them rather well-defined borders.
My style has evolved over my story and acquired maturity but it has not lost its ardour. 
I try to offer a diverse work today, made now of melancholy washed away, now of vibrant and strong colors, the image of my temperament, and to send a strong message meaning, that of freedom, achievement and independence.

Philippe Nicolas –
La B.O., Olivier Millerioux
All rights reserved La B.O.-Photographer Olivier Millerioux
I prepare exhibitions, I will be back later for giving a longer comment.

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